Hello!  Thank you for checking us out!  We appreciate your time and so we have written this brief description of our training program and what separates us from other companies.

Many of you have heard about our training programs from friends, on the radio, or in the shop.  We have several upcoming events in which we hope you’ll take part.  These are not your typical firearm classes.  We do not waste your time shooting in only one direction.  If you’re able to attend our classes, you will be shooting on a private range that has been strategically constructed to maximize your time learning the necessary skills to survive and surmount a modern-day life or death encounter.

While practicing your skills at an indoor range is helpful, it is difficult to learn to defend yourself and your loved ones if you can only shoot at a 90-degree angle with limited (if any) holster work.  The odds of you being able to have your gun in your hand and remaining stationary while effectively engaging a threat is close to ZERO.  We teach differently!  Whether you are: a beginner taking a beginner’s class; an intermediate shooter taking a level II class; or a seasoned veteran looking to perfect your advanced abilities; completion of our classes will endow you with practical skills learned over decades of real life combat. 

Every 10 years or so, evolutions are made in the battlefield that directly impact the best practices of shooting professionals.  What worked 10 years ago may still work.  But, there are many more beneficial skills to learn from the latest and greatest in the field that would revamp or supplement your abilities.

Our students must take a level I class or demonstrate proficiency before attending a level II or level III class.  Unless you have recently attended classes with a special forces or an advanced LE instructor, it is unlikely you know the latest skills honed over the last 10 years in combat.  Our level I classes will get you up to speed so that you can get the most out of a level II or a level III class.

The more advanced a shooter you are, the more you know it’s all about the fundamentals.  We have many inquiries from shooters who have been shooting for years and don’t like the idea of a “beginner class”.  Even our beginner classes offer a challenge; and, you will emerge with greatly improved odds of succeeding in a threatening encounter without endangering innocent bystanders.

In addition to the exceptional classes in the flyers, we also offer; private lessons, lessons for couples, and group lessons.  Since this is our private range, the only people shooting on it are the students in the class.  This is not only a safer environment; but, we are also able to tailor our classes to very diverse requests. 

What do you fear most?  For what do you want to prepare?  Do you want to work together as a family to be prepared for an intruder?  Do you want your young adults to be able to defend themselves if you’re not home?  Our family classes are some of the most fun you can have in a course.  And, we have family clientele who do private lessons a few times per year to keep their skills sharp and to learn more advanced techniques.

Normally, for the level of instruction we provide, you must travel at least several hours (and often to another state).  One of the best parts about our training is that you can have breakfast with your family, and be home in time for dinner.  Two of our three ranges are centrally located; about 5 minutes from Buds Café in downtown Sedalia, Colorado.  Our long-range courses are held on a private estate 30 minutes from Vail.  Here students engage targets from 400 to 1,500 yards.

While Navy SEALs and Green Berets teach our advanced classes, all our civilian and retired law enforcement instructors are true experts in the field as well.  All of them have attended many classes taught by our special forces instructors, a few of them having spent hundreds of hours in these classes taught by Navy SEALs. Whether you attend a level I class taught by our civilian instructors or a level III class taught by our cadre of special forces, we guarantee you will leave each class not only having had a great day but also, leaving with the skills, techniques and tactics necessary for prevailing in a life or death scenario.     

We invite you to come into the store today to learn more!  If you can't make it in, feel free to call or email us anytime!  

Brothers In Arms USA

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