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Whether you're a novice, you have some firearms experience, or you're a seasoned firearms expert, Brothers In Arms USA in Littleton Colorado has something for you. Veteran owned and operated, Brothers in Arms USA honors military and law enforcement officers with a half-staff wall in the store and they provide a Sig discount to veterans and law enforcement. The store is arranged to military precision so finding what you want is easy, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you locate an item or to answer questions.

The selection of firearms ranges from small caliber handguns to high-powered rifles to sophisticated shotguns. Any of the very experienced staff can help you select the firearm that will best suit your needs and your situation.

If you're new to gun ownership, you'll need to familiarize yourself with state and federal firearms laws in addition to passing a gun training and a firearms safety course. Their three specialized shooting ranges will help you develop your shooting skills in a realistic shooting environment rather than in the traditional shooting range environment. In a traditional shooting range, you aim at a stationary target that is at a 90 degree angle; this isn't realistic.

The gun training and shooting classes are ranked by skill level, from beginner to advanced and you must satisfactorily complete each prior level before you can move up to the more advanced class. Their instruction methods are the most current methods used on the battlefield in life or death situations. This provides the best training for you to use your gun, whether it's in an emergency situation or if you're hunting.

Private training classes are available for individuals, couples, or groups and they can customize the training to meet your unique situation. Since the shooting range is private, only the students will be shooting, which provides more security than at a public range. Two of the ranges are close to downtown Sedalia and one is in Vail, so there's sure to be a range within easy driving distance of you.

Since the classes are small and customized, it ensures that you'll receive some of the best gun training in Littleton Colorado. They'll help you overcome your fears and assess your goals so that you become confident with yourself and your firearm. Firearm operation involves more than just aiming and pulling the trigger. Topics covered include situational ethics and self-confidence so that you can act without hesitation should the need arise.

You alone can determine if you would be comfortable operating a firearm in an emergency and you must determine that before the need arises. Their instruction will help you determine the best course of action for yourself and your code of ethics. All of our instructors are experts so they know whereof they speak. The advanced course instructors are Navy SEALS and Green Berets, beginner and intermediate classes are taught by civilians and retired law enforcement officers; all are experts in the field of firearms. They also offer concealed carry classes and gun training in Littleton Colorado. Many of their customers report more than a 50 percent improvement in shooting accuracy after completing their course at Brothers In Arms USA.

If you're in the market for firearms, knives, or accessories, their selection is among the best and their prices are very competitive. If you need it for your gun, then they either have it or they can obtain it for you. They stock safes, silencers, targets, holsters and cases. They also carry standard and high capacity magazines, and probably anything else you could want for your firearm. Brothers In Arms is one of the best stocked firearms dealers in Littleton Colorado and their staff of experts can assist you with any of your firearms needs.

They carry a comprehensive selection of optical accessories for your firearm, from thermal scopes to flashlight batteries, so if you need optical equipment for a firearm you have or want to purchase a new one with optical accessories, they can help you.

If you need repairs for your firearms, they're your best choice. Their customer satisfaction ranks among the highest for their repair work and they have a quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality. Store policies are located on their website, , and they adhere to all federal and state regulations regarding firearms.

If you're looking for a licensed firearms dealer in Littleton Colorado, you should stop by Brothers in Arms. From the store layout to the selection of merchandise to the spotless interior, you'll see nothing but quality. Their dedication to their fallen comrades speaks volumes about their character and their customers have nothing but praise for these veterans. Stop by the store today to see this classy establishment and while you're there, check out their classes and their merchandise.

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