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Are you looking for in-depth professional firearm training and the guns to protect your home with? Are you concerned about the legitimacy of the instructors and the distance you'd have to travel in order to reach your training classes? Are you maybe just a recreational shooter in Littleton who's looking to peruse an extensive selection of firearms, ammo and accessories?

Brothers in Arms USA has been serving Colorado for years with all of the above and more, whether it's rifles, shotguns or handguns — we have everything you need to legally arm yourself against whatever danger may strike. Our armamentarium includes the following:

  • Handguns in semi-automatic, revolver, lever-action, derringer and single-shot
  • Shotguns featuring pump-action, lever-action, under-over mechanisms and more
  • Rifles coming with semi-automatic, bolt-action, revolver and tactical mechanisms
  • Ammunition of all legal types for your specific weapon and needs
  • Customized products that are tailored to your specific taste

Our gun store in Littleton Colorado also sells custom magazines, ammo, receivers, optics and sheaths to maximize your protection on the field and at home. Products are sourced from trusted manufacturing companies such as Ruger, Winchester, Diamondback and more. It's always been said that the best weapon for you is the one that you're most comfortable with, and our gun store aims to supply you with everything you need to that effect.

Our magazine collection includes tacticals, quick-reloaders, SLAM bases and extended capacity clips to keep you going. They cover all relevant calibers for our weapon selection, meaning you can find custom magazines for any rifle or handgun that you may be interested in purchasing. We also have traditional iron sight modifications, holographic and red dot sight attachments, and scopes that range from your standard-issue sniper optics to spotting and even thermal scopes. You can also find scope mounts, rangefinders, lasers and light attachments to complement your loadout.

Our gun store has also been serving Colorado with more than just guns — we have an extensive selection of combat-ready blades made from various materials and designed for a full spectrum of situations. Our knives range from fixed blade and folding to full-on utility sets that can be maintained and customized with our accessories catalog. If you've been searching for that number-one provider of blade sharpening kits, sheaths, handle and hilt modifications plus tomahawks and more, we bring the goods. If you've also struggled to find a provider in Littleton for cold steel blades, look no further.

Brothers in Arms USA also provides exceptionally accredited gun training courses under the watchful eye and circumspect instruction of Green Berets, Navy SEALs and veteran law enforcement personnel with hundreds of hours of experience training students ranging from brand new to licensed expert. We don't train you the ordinary way — our classes aim to put you in real-time situations and environments that pace you step-by-step through the process of using your preferred firearm in a number of dangerous situations both outdoor and indoor. This isn't just shooting in one direction at a bullseye painted on a wall — this is carefully considering the possible life-or-death circumstances you may find yourself in and how to best utilize the tools at your disposal in those situations.

Brothers in Arms USA is more than just a gun store in Littleton Colorado, as we strive not only to sell you the best self-defense products and accessories, but also to show you how to capitalize on their untapped potential. We offer courses in concealed carry for your permit, as well as beginners instruction classes for those who know literally nothing about guns. If you're a seasoned veteran looking for higher training, fear not — we have expert classes for you as well! Our goal is to provide the Colorado community with the tools and skills necessary to defend their homes and families in times of danger. You may have heard of us through pamphlets or the radio — yeah, we're that good!

The courses where our training takes place are generally outdoor and located in centralized spots around Colorado to keep them closer to your home. Other trainers who offer the same level of instruction that we do require long-distance travel that can keep you away from your family for days or weeks at a time. One of our ranges is located 30 minutes out of Vail on a private estate where military professionals allow students to shoot up to 1,400 yards out with a variety of weapons.

Come give us a try at and see what we can do to improve your safety, whether its in your home or on the fly.

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