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No matter if it's home defense or personal protection when you're out and about, Brothers in Arms USA offers an exceptional spectrum of firearm options to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our supply includes all legal ammo types, magazine capacities, optics and receivers to customize your personal defense weapon however you see fit. Our gun store has been serving Colorado with an expansive armamentarium consisting of handguns, shotguns and rifles utilizing various loading and firing mechanisms to suit your needs.

We aren't serving Littleton Denver Colorado with just guns for sale, though. We also bring knives to the table, including fixed blade, utility and folding for any circumstance that arises. Other accessories and personal melee defense tools include tomahawks, custom grips, sharpening stones and sheaths. Our gun store is no stranger to cold steel blades either, providing you with what other knife and firearm retailers lack. Every soldier needs a blade by their side — guns alone aren't always enough!

Our Colorado online gun store provides a magazine repertoire consisting of high-capacity and standard magazines in tactical and modified varieties for calibers of all kinds. Magazines come in detachable and quick-reload varieties, double-pack deals and minis, SLAM base clips and more. Our extensive selection also includes optic sights for your rifle, shotgun or handgun; these include your traditional iron sight modifications as well as red dot, holographic and scoped designs for multiple-range engagement.

Brothers in Arms USA has been serving Colorado with more than just the tools, however — we also bring some of the best gun training you'll find. Our classes are critically acclaimed on the radio and in pamphlets that you may have heard of or seen around, and with good cause: We train our pupils with Navy SEAL and Green Beret instructors, as well as veteran law enforcement units on maximizing the safety and untapped potential of the equipment we sell. Talk about backing up our word — we're really here to keep you covered.

The shooting ranges are wisely centralized throughout Colorado to keep our ranges within range of your home, so you don't have to commute too far to reach one. Our outdoor courses are furthermore designed to extensively train our students in handling a variety of practical life-or-death scenarios, and we offer classes starting from fresh beginner all the way up to seasoned veteran to prepare you with the height of modern battlefield tactics to protect you and your family from harm.

Our outlook is, it isn't good enough to just sell you the rifles and the ammo — these alone won't protect you if you lack the technical know-how and skill to utilize them correctly. If you're already seasoned in the safe and proper handling and maintenance of your firearms, our expansive supply suits your customization needs to make your weapons comfortable and keep them tailored to your specific strengths. If you're a recreational shooter, you're just as welcome to try out our inventory of casual and professional firearm equipment and ammunition.

For those who are looking to elevate their grasp on the various arts of gun usage, we have classes for concealed carry as well as those who have never touched a gun before in their life. If you're already an expert, don't worry — we have gun training classes to help you move even higher! It's hard to get ahead of trained military veterans, after all.

As more than just a Colorado online gun store, we're serving Littleton Denver Colorado with the technical skill to make the most of the products that we offer. Come check us out at and get started on a safer home for yourself and your loved ones.

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